Mom diary: 11 months old

So..  it's been almost a year since this beautiful baby come to this world.
I won't say it was easy, no. But it was wonderful. Of course there were ups and downs, especially for someone like me, being a new mom.

I thing the hardest impact on me was the knowledge that I am not the most important person in my life. No. That a little being is completely dependent on me, needs me 24/7 (now I do understand those TGIF!! oh right, I am a mom; jokes).
"little destroyer" - that is my phone in his hands

It is wonderful, but also a huge learning experience. I am not wealthy (nor am I sponsored by and brand) and thus I cannot take my baby to baby spas all the time and similar activities, but I can make him feel loved and give him the time he needs.
Babies need more than everything, the love of their parents, heck we all need that! And acceptance.

So expensive toys won't change a thing (except distract the baby for 5-30 minutes before they end in the toys box for an indefinite time).

So let me tell you what changed... :)

In this month baby started talking  A LOT. He won't shut up, ahah.. But it is also very, very cute. If baby gets silent.. then it means there's trouble. Or not. Obviously you need to check on him, because he is playing with something and it usually isn't anything good or safe (or clean) for him. Like lots of cocking pots or cables (!!), or anything that he shouldn't touch.

That's why we got some safety things (for drawers mostly, because he loved going through my make up and papers). I would let him, if he would be just playing .. but no. He gets bored and wants to see what else he can do with that object. And usually this means he will destroy it however he can.

He is a lovely little fella, very curious, very smart and nothing alike me (when I was a baby). He is very similar to his father and I am pretty damn sure his mother didn't get much sleep when he was a baby and toddler! So.. I guess I should get used to it, haha?
Luckily he sleeps during the night (maybe wakes once or twice), but it's mostly the day that I am concerned about.

He goes on and on and on.. and I don't have so much power to follow up. But I am trying, really. I will start working out to fix that, haha. Anyway, one day he didn't sleep for 11,5 hours! I thought I am going to die. It is really stressful when you are sick and tired.

He really likes his penguin and I find it cute. I see him growing into a little man and I am hoping we're giving him everything he needs.

He absolutely loves the outdoors. He could walk a mile and then sleep for 12 hours, just because the fresh air did him so good. So this is my little trick to get him to sleep (well, kind of).

Stay tuned for the Birthday part ;).

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