NOTD: lilac clouds

I had some time off.. :D It is quite sad that I my blog posts start like this, haha..  But what to say, I post whenever I can.

Luckily now it is "free time" because LO is "singing" to Pink, haha. Quite funny and cute.

Anyway, the manicure; It was pretty simple, but took me quite some time (I am really not used to the long time it takes for the polish to dry - I should invest in an UV lamp).

They are cute, but it can be seen that my nails broke just prior to taking pictures. Oh well :). 
I will try it next time with more colors.


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  1. Love the colour and the decoration to look like clouds! I'm going to try this although doubt mine will meet the standard of yours! Hope the nail gets better soon ahah!
    Great post

    Eloise | xo


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