Instaweek July 21th


It is time for another instagram post, horaaay! This week was colorful, fun and full of pink!

Again, pictures + text: From bottom right to left.

1. I GOT my Urban Decay single shadow in SIN. I had no idea it existed until I found a girl who mentioned it on Reddit. Damnit, I never bothered to google anything like it, just you know, for dupes (never found one, don't bother, the real stuff is amazing!).
2. Sleeping baby. He took my whole bed, no room for me. Oh well, who can stay may when he is so cute?!
3. I bought him a windmill toy (I actually don't know how these are called). It is mesmerizing to say it at last.
4. Pink manicure with dots. It was so cute. Super cute. I loved it. DAMN loved it. But then I broke a nail.
5. I went to the movies (TWICE, yesh!!) while grandmas watched the baby. I had a blast. Didn't watch Smurfs 2.
6. My grandma bough him a hello kitty pink body. I didn't mind, he didn't mind. So here he is, wearing a pink cloth.
7. After the whole weekend of lacking sleep (Everythig was way too interesting for him), he finally fell alseep in the car. Victory!
8. I keep the baby tub on the window shelve and he took it down. Not just that. He turned it over and decited to go surfing on it. Of course he fell several times. It didn't stop him. 
9. I went or a walk in the park (that is like 2km from us) and when baby had enough of his cookies, he decided to feed the dog. Dog didn't mind.
10. Since nails were short and it was my first day of the long weekend (baby went on vacation!), I did some nail art. Clouds, sort of.

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