Mom diary: 10 months old

Hello everyone!

10 months have passed since my baby was born. 10 wonderful, yet very demanding (for me) months. 
If you haven't read the last post (9 months old baby), you really should. I added new photos ;).
Being a mother is a wonderful gift of life, everything is just so.. I don't really know how to say it.

Bored?! Not anymore, ahah!
Lets say.. you will never get bored again. Never. Ever. Again. 
Baby is demanding, you need to make him food, cuddle him, play with him, change him, feed him, put him to sleep, etc..
And when you do get your 5 minutes (or maybe 1 day - thank you mother in law!). You.. just have so much to do! Like.. blogging, taking pictures, maybe editing photos, playing games (haha), etc. Life is much fuller with a baby around. 

What, a picture?!

That is, if you wanted that baby and now love it with all your heart. 

Okay, so what is going on? 
Baby is wild, walking here and there, exploring everything like it's new. Well to be honest, it is new for him. 
Absorbing all the information like a little sponge. You just said a curse word?! No problem, he watches you, and learns. He will remember, yes he will.. :P
Oh you just did something nasty? See when baby will want to do it too.. . So watch what you do and say!

Mommy said I can play with these glasses.
The biggest change of them all was.. teething. I mean we've gone throught some teething, but you know, since babies don't have just like one or two teeth, it goes in cycles. Last time it was pretty mild and easy to survive. But this time, hell no! Baby was crying every hour while he was asleep (which means he was still sleeping when the crying started!). The only solution? Boob time. Works everytime like a charm. 
Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep. It has been some hard two weeks. But then again - we got a pretty little new teeth!

I will just pinch you, right there!

Oh and let me tell you about biting. I didn't know that my baby was a biter. Had no idea, because seriously no one in my family was. So maybe it is his side of the family?! (just joking, don't take me too seriously)
It is pretty tough to stop him from biting, but I am trying with something good here. I hug him and tell him that we don't bite. And you know what? It worked! For.. two weeks. Then baby decided that it's time to start biting again. In frustration or in play. Jeeez...  These are the times when I need to remind myself, consistency is the key factor.

This is the month where baby is learning everything. Trying to mimick everything his parents do and say. Learning the social behavior (you can see his brain working really hard, from the look on his face).
Ohh, what is this thing?! A camera?!
He does still want to cuddle, still wants to sleep in our bed (yes, yes, we are THAT kind of parents!), follows me everywhere (hello, can I have some privacy while I go to the bathroom, yes please?!). I feel like mother duckling. To be honest, I always thought that ducks are cute.. Because you know, they follow their mother in such an adorable manner. Well, now that my baby does it, it no longer is cute. I am not asking for much, just for 5 minutes, so I can pee in peace. 
The world is how big?!

He is also starting to talk. When he is not absorbing his surroundings, he is saying thing like 'mama, baby, ata'. And when he is really into something (like he is playing nicely) he goes like 'tktktktkttk'. It is so funny and such a cute sound.

This was definitely quite a hard month, but still very enjoyable. 

Most of the pictures are taken by Martina M , the last one was taken probably by my brother in law (while baby was on a mini vacation) and the first one is mine. ;)

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