Make up in under 5 minutes!

Aka Mommy's make up. 
I do it whenever I go somewhere (although there are certainly days, when I go bare faced, just because I can). With this little baby (which soon won't be a baby!) being everywhere, and since I still haven't grown a pair of eyes on my back.. this is my make up to go.

Simple and quick and it only requires a tiny amount of (my stash haha) make up.

This time I will show you only the end result and not the procedure. Maybe if someone says they do want the procedure (tutorial), I will post it. After all it is REALLY easy and simple. 

Yay, for flash pictures! Click on the image to view it in the original size. That way you can see my pores, hah!

And bonus pictures with my little one. Because everyone loves babies, right?

So, yes. Without make up I look scary. Sometimes I do even look good. But only sometimes. =)
Although I am really good at doing 'no make up' make up. 

Are you interested in seeing a 'no make up make up' look?

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