Mom diary: 9 months old

Hi dear readers,
I know I only covered the first month of being a new mom, but I figured that it is way easier for me to write about what is going on now, and later cover on what was going on months ago. 

This is why I will keep you updated on the happening in the first year (or so), starting with this month. And later when I will remember bits and pieces of months that are missing, I will post about them too! So, yes! It will be a whole diary, just with the upside down posting fashion. :).

9 months old baby

So my baby just turned 9 months. What does this mean? 
It means that he is eating solid food (well at least dense, that's it) for a while now and has acquired a decent eating habit. 3 meals per day (usually vegetables and fruits, mixed with water - made into a puree, sometimes with some grain, rarely with meat but that's because I don't eat much meat at all.. if any). So far he is a good eater, eats everything I give him. Haha, but then again like he has any choice :P. He loves to breastfeed almost as much as I do (it's free and it bonds us together). But one thing he also loves. Pieces of food. If the food isn't on a spoon (like soup), he wants to feed himself. This is why it is slowly time to let him feed himself (not just chunks of food, but with a spoon too!). Oh the joy, when everything will be covered in food. YIKES! I still remember when I let him play with food (it was a fruit puree with some baby cereal). It was such a mess. The wall, the floor, the baby - not to mention - everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was covered in food. Icky, sticky food. The one that when it dries it doesn't budge and stays there forever. Ahhh, they joy of parenting! 

walking around, making weird noises *-*
He made his first steps aged 7M old, and went on and conquered those tiny legs, that by the end of 9M mark he is walking like a big boy. Now more sitting down after two steps! *proud mommy*
Ahh, it also means that I must have my eyes on my back, practically watch him what is he doing all the time. RUN after him.. damn, with such a peace, I will be FIT in no time. And exhausted, that's it. I am getting a leash for babies, even if everyone around me will be watching me with disgust. :P
A piece of bread keeps him focused and calm. Kind of.
Now we can go strolling again, but since he walks he starts to get bored quite quickly (lets say 30min?), and wants to walk around. Usually a piece of bread or anything edible that he can hold (and hopefully won't make a mess), keeps him entratained and I can drink my coffee. 

That shoe must go OFF! 

Of course everything is for him still edible, well at least it must go through his mouth first, so he can taste it and decide if I can keep it. Or if he eats it. ._. Stones are especially delicious, big, small.. anything that mommy doesn't see. - If he doesn't spit it out, I take it. Not the extra big ones, but the ones that he could swallow. The joy.. of yes, being a parent. 
Ohh, those are your keys? MMmm, so yoummy!
 Sleep? FINALLY I get some. He sleeps through the night, maybe waking once to feed and then he is off to dreamland. I am the one that can't unlearn the damn weird sleeping pattern that motherhood brought me. 
I can at least say that in the morning I am *somewhat* rested. 

Fancy dressing, make up, nails?! Where did all the pretty go?! 
It still exists, at least with the dressing (if he doesn't cover my current clothes in dirt, saliva or any other unexpected thing), make up is a must - when I have the time (5 min, mm.. okay good to go!), nails?! Sadly these are the ones I miss the most. I can't do my nails. I do have the time to DO them, but not for them to DRY! I was thinking about getting an UV lamp and some gel polish? I don't know... HM?

Fancy? GOD NO, but.. as he grows older, I find the time to dress/look better. LOL who am I lying too. Sometimes I get lazy. And I don't care.

My baby is a joy to be around, always laughing, smiling and running around (okay that part is exhausting). He can play with his toys alone for a while, but when anything (and I mean ANYTHING DAMNIT) goes wrong, I am the one that he comes running to. "Moommy, mooomy".. Okay, he doesn't say that, he says "Mam, mama" only when I am not around.. to me, he runs crying. Those big tears of his, running down his cheek, sobbing aloud. Oh what a difference can a hug make and if that doesn't work.. some nursing will do. And then he falls asleep calmly in my arms *melts*.

What, mee?!

Annoying the dog (aka playing with him)

*nom, nom*

He understands a lot, but one word.. goes easily unnoticed by him..  
If you are a parent, you probably guessed it right.. It is the magical world NO. =D

Being a parent is awesome. 
Do I have time for myself? Maybe, it depends on the day. It can be 10min or 1h. 
Can I do my nails? Not really.. 
But seeing him grow and being a part of that is the most wonderful thing I could witness. 

The best part? 
I have a baby that loves to cuddle. 
And a dog that doesn't mind being crawled onto. 

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