Instaweek June 30th

Hello beautiful ladies,
I rediscovered the instagram series.. like many, many times before. 
But I really want to stick to it this time. I mean, I actually DO post on instagram all the time. 

I read that there is an instavideo thing right now, but it doesn't work on my phone, so maybe it is just for Iphones? I don't have an iphone but I do have an android phone. It doesn't matter, I wanted to share cute little videos of my baby.. Now I can't!

So to the pictures *says in a super-villian's voice*

From top left to right:
1. My latest manicure. Will be soon on my blog (this week)!
2. My smiling baby. Makes the world stop and stare...
3. Worrying.. it is not unique for adults to worry, but.. babies?! Why!?
4. My new stash of candy. Not that I need it... but it helps with my sanity. But not with dental cavities.
5. Another sweet thing. A dessert caller 'grmada', huge and I could barely eat it. This time it was bigger than I remembered it. Weird!
6. Sleeping baby. This was his new pose for the day. He went to sleep right next to me, but then he crawled to my knees and fell asleep. Twice. That dark green stain is just plain water.
7. Detail of my coffee. Beautiful, right? Such little things make my day.
8. My dad reanimated my old tamagotchi. He is still alive after freaking 5 years!
9. New ipanemas flip flops. With the straps you can change (comes in 3 colors)
10. Daddy and son. Son is splashing around in a tub of water. That day it was damn hot and baby loved the water!

How was your week ladies?
Mine was fine, except that we are all now pretty sick *achoo*
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