Review: Cheeky Wipes

Hello dear readers,
This one is for all the moms out there!

I bought this product when my little one was under two months old. Now he is past the 10 months mark. This means I have ultra tested these wipes and been wanting to write a review since I got them.

How I got it :)
I was using regular cotton pads soaked in water to clean my baby. But it got really annoying - the water that got quickly from warm to ultra cold, the extra rubbing (because sometimes the poop would dry up a bit, bleh!), and so on. I didn't want to use those baby wipes, because they are honestly a mix of chemicals. They are quite expensive on the long run and the baby's tiny bum isn't happy with them. I needed a change and I needed it quickly!

Cheeky Wipes came to the rescue! (I always wanted to write something similar, hehe).

Of course I had my lovely pictures when I un-boxed the product (ok, there was no cardboard box, just the blue plastic box in the green one with all the accessories in it - a truly nature friendly product!), but then my drive decided to die on me - so no more lovely pictures taken by me of the cheeky wipes.

But fear not, Cheeky Wipes itself has some gorgeous photos, and I will be using those (along with some mine).
The set from the website
Natural Baby Wipes – from Cheeky Wipes- better for baby!

Baby’s skin should be protected and nurtured. We spend hours stroking and touching their little faces as they fall asleep, or reaching out to squidge a lovely, chubby leg… so why jeopardize that beautiful sensitive skin with a chemical-laden disposable wipe?

Before you use a disposable wipe on your baby, try removing your make-up with one. Does your skin feel dry and tight afterwards? Imagine that on your baby’s botty… Not natural baby skin care at its best…

I purchased a full set (25 wipes) + 25 extra wipes. I picked the pink and turquoise ones, because I got the idea that the white wipes may get stained over time. I was probably correct, but that isn't a problem if you can sun dry them. 

With your purchase you can pick the essential oils you want. It says that the Lavender & Chamomile are the only ones that are safe for tiny babies (8 weeks and under). I picked the Tea Tree & Tea Tree Lemon. If I am not mistaken I paid something like 75€. And you know what? From then on I don't have to worry about repurchasing anything. I checked their site now, and well they got a new color. But I don't need new wipes, since the ones I got are still perfect and will be for a long time. :D

If you'd like to know more about them, I suggest you to read their FAQ. I don't think anyone would read my super long entry if I included even half their Q&A. 
Okay, so then I got my wipes. What now? 
Simple, I added water (warm, because I wanted to) to the marked level in both of the boxes, added essential oil,threw in some wipes and I was ready to go! The room smelled wonderful after this.

What about the mucky ones?
Well.. Okay. You wipe that little bum (by the way, I used like 1-3 cheeky wipes when before I was using 7-9 cotton wipes), throw it in the green box and forget about it. Okay maybe not really forget, because you have to wash it once the box is full. And by full I mean really full. I usually throw everything to the washing machine when I have something like 10 clean wipes left.

You can add the net in the box (I do have it, but I realized it doesn't matter since I empty it this way: I take the whole box, open it in the washing machine when it is upside down. Empty it. Go wash the box a bit, add more water and oils and reuse). The net was somehow annoying when I was putting everything in the washing machine (imagine brownish water running from it while you load it in the washing machine). I can still use it if I empty the box my way, but it is not a must to be honest.

Each box has its own oil
I used the 'blue box' oil way quicker than I ever will use the 'green box' oil.  They come in small flasks, so get ready to buy a couple more of these (I got a a bunch of them from a different place, because I didn't want to wait the shipping time for new ones).

wet bags
I must say that I never used them. Never. But now I will since I ran out of baby wipes for outside emergencies. You get two wet bags. The clean one (blue) and the mucky one (green) that has the very handy zipper, so you can just unzip it and throw it in the machine.
+ Easy to use
+ Environmental friendly
+ No chemicals added
+ Simple and easy to clean and refill
+ washes in the washing machine
+ they last you for life
+ Reusable
+ Come in different colours
+ Can be used for hands/face/body

- None?

I would purchase it again, if I didn't already have it. But now that I have it.. I need nothing more.
It is perfect for cleaning the little baby's bum and other parts, including hands and face (with a different wipe, that's it). It is super easy to clean, and you can take it with yourself whenever you go. 
Would I recommend it? YES. 

*This product was purchased by myself. My opinion is always honest.
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