Review: Teething necklace from KangarooCare

This post is another for all the mommies out there.

My baby started teething a couple of months back and he is been in so much pain since then. This is one of the many reasons I decided to buy a nursing/teething necklace. The other was him squeezing me during breastfeeding and pulling whatever was within reach of his hands. You guessed it, it was darn painful!

The picture from their Etsy. 
And my picture!

You must know that my necklace went through a lot. And I mean A LOT! 
The baby was playing with it quite a lot, one day I found the dog was chewing on it (luckily I came in the right time, stopping him from destroying it!).

And what is better than a nursing necklace for a teething baby?!
I don't think there is such thing.

This time, I will talk about the Kangaroo Care necklace I purchased back in January.
I have a couple more of such necklaces to write about (from different brands).

I don't think there is much to say about its purpose. Except that, I wear it also when I am baby-free. It complements well my outfits (hey, my shoes are of a similar color to it!), looks overall great and gives me that eccentric feel.

+ Baby loves it!
+ My breasts are grateful because baby isn't squeezing them during breastfeeding
+ Baby clings to necklace when I take him from one place to another (hip carry or front carry)
+ Perfect for distracting a cranky little baby when he doesn't want to play with other stuff!
+ Looks pretty!
+ Is pretty durable

- Well ... my dog loves it too!- The price maybe? You know I am a cheap (23$ + shipping)

These necklaces are really pretty and the photos are absolutely fantastic too. I think I can recommend them to any mom with a teething baby. And hey, it looks pretty too! Even for when your nursing/baby days are over. =) And if you are baby wearing? Even better, gives baby something to hold onto or play with (mine is always clinging to something while I am wearing him).
I give it a big YES. 

*This product was purchased by myself. My opinion is always honest.
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