Gift ideas - Designer Sunglasses

A couple of days ago I went to check my vision and that was when I realized that I have absolutely no idea which glasses to buy. Even less which sunglasses to buy!

But not to worry, there is Red Hot Sunglasses for such 'problems'!

I checked s couple of sunglasses that are in the 'high end', 'medium' and 'cheap' price range. So it is easy to get what your budget allows you to. 

High end - McQueen (have you noticed I love McQueen?)
These are absolutely gorgeous and full of detail. They remind me of the sunglasses my dad used to wear.

Medium price rang - Ray-Ban
Gorgeous gradient white to purple mix sun glasses, oh wow!

Cheap price range - A dupe of Prada's sunglasses
For all those that want the original Prada sunglasses but don't want to pay that much money (here) are here the almost same no Iconeyewear sunglasses!

Don't you love sunglasses?
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