Swarovski Key - by Yoko Ono

Hello dear readers,
A three weeks ago I saw this action from Ustanova Fundacija za pomoč otrokom (FZPO) - it's a foundation which helps children.
And since my dear got me a present from their site (a pedant called the Planet by Swarovski) I knew they were legal and that they have the certified Swarovski products.

Anyway they had this action where you bought a Swarovski Key and one was also donated to a sick child. Why?
Because it symbolizes hope for them, a symbol of care! Because we care, yes.

The keys are fantastic and are signed by Yoko Ono (they are available on Swarovski's website from September 2012), plus they are really cheap! Yes, you heard me - they cost 20€ (the 30mm) or 30€ (50mm) and with that money they help sick children.

Simple as that. The website is here (but I don't think they sell internationally) 

I ordered a small key - 30mm and it came to my address after the weekend (after I ordered, since volounteers work there  and they also do have sick children at home).

It is divine! I got mine in Golden Shadow.

It's tiny and it's perfect! I wear it everyday because it's really lightweight and it goes with everything ;).

Did you ever buy jewelry for charity? 

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