NOTD: Bashful meets the Hunter


It was time to change that pink manicure (since it chipped and well one layer of the same nail polish over lasted only for a couple of days more), and I saw this gorgeous combination on another blog.

I HAD to try it - because I have both nail polishes and I had no idea how to combine the so pretty but quite plain green one. The green reminds me of a forest, so pretty! But glitter lasts longer on me...

The perfect combination! 
Essence Bashful (2 layers) +
Essence The Hunter (1 layer)

I only wish I didn't bump it so many times (baby woke up in the middle, so my manicure looks only decent).

I like it! It looks so festive! 

You can see all the swatches of the Essence Snow White collection here. 


  1. Uff huda jesenska kombinacija! Tale zelen je čist strupen, love it <3

  2. @Sandryca: Ja mali mi da vec casa 'off' ;)

    @With Love, Ana: Hvala, prav pase za jesen, ja!

  3. Very beautiful combination :)

    Liebste Grüße ViktoriaSarina

  4. Ravnokar videla na ARSu. It's festive time! :D

    Super kombinacija. Ne me tepst zaradi prehitevanja, ampak zdi se mi, da bi bila prava za december. :)

  5. @Viktoria, @Mahoni: Thank you ladies!

    @Krvava Meri: Super, hvala - je pa res malce bolj decembersko obarvan :D! Sem pocekirala tvoj blog in je fantasticen!


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