Purchases of this month - October 2012

Hi dear readers,
I don't buy that much cosmetics for myself anymore (but I'd love to, tho I wish I had more time to do my make up - but it's actually getting better!!), but mostly for my kid. Cosmetics for him include stuff to wipe his little arse etc. Nothing special or dramatic :P.

But I managed to buy myself something really pretty! 

I was a big fan of Bourjois products since I purchased my first mascara from them - 1001 Lashes. - I am in love with them. 
After that I used their blush, foundation (Bio Detox) and so on... 

So when I saw they have those old school kajals I had to have it!It is Bourjois Queen Attitude kajal and mascara. But the only way to get it was to purchase their new mascara. So ok, why now? I needed a new one anyway.. ;) The mascara is actually great - one swipe does it all. I couldn't believe the fact that with just one layer (in one swipe haha!) I can get decent eyelashes. And the kajal, ahhh lovely! No more sharp edges for my sensitive eyes :). I got both for about 10€ since the kajal was a gift with the purchase of the mascara.

Then I purchased an Essence long lasting cream eyeshadow in 09 For Fairies (I have a dark grey one and it does last on my oily eyelins the whole day!). It doest last most of the day on my lids, but it goes into the crease after about 10 hours. Bohooo, but still not bad for something under 4€.

And then my last purchase - ArtDeco Dita Von Teese Gel liner. I thought I was looking at an eyebrow liner - translucent gel liner. And the price seemed decent. But only after I got home I realized it is a regular gel liner and it was pretty expensive (17€!!).But to its excuse it's the best gel liner I've ever tried. Long lasting, matte, very pigmented. Well worth its price tag. The picture was taken after I applied ti for four times!! 

And the make up using all these products =)

I need to find a solution to get all the data from my 'outside' disk because it died! And everything is on it... :/ Pictures for future reviews, my signature, well everything! If anyone has any idea how to do that or where to send it (I'm not willing to pay 200€+ for that) please say so!


  1. Super nakup. Jaz tudi trenutno uporabljam eno Bourjois mascaro in mi je super.

    Kar se diska tiče, te popolnoma razumem, sem bila septembra v isti situaciji, ko mi je računalnik crknil in sem izgubila vse datoteke, slike za blog ... No, jaz sem odnesla račnalnik na popravilo in za popravilo diska (formiranje ...) sem plačala okrog 50 € in tip mi je uspel rešiti ogromno datotek. Ne vseh, ker je bilo marsikaj poškodovano, ampak veliko pa je rešil.
    Ti imaš to prenosen disk? Zdaj ne vem točno, kako je s tem, ampak po moje bi ti kdo, ki se razume dobro v računalnike, znal to rešiti.

  2. Taya najlepsa hvala za idejo! V bistvu ni prenosni, je samo zunanji. To pomeni cenejsi in vecji samo eh... vseeno je sel v maloro.
    So mi predlagali da kupim isti disk in prevezem komponente in upam da dela... samo ne vem :/. Mi je kar strosek, sploh ker sem ta mesec kupila nov pc. Buhu!

    Bourjois maskare so enostavno zakon :D!

  3. makeup ti je divan a imas i prekrasnu boju očiju

  4. Love your eyecolour! Awsome!!

    Liebste Grüße ViktoriaSarina


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