Review: Bourjois Rose de Jaspe (95) Blush

Hi everyone!

Two days ago I got myself (with my last cash, that's it lol) a gorgeous blusher from Bourjois. Well I actually wanted Rose d'Or, but the testers and actual products are displayed so idiotically that I picked the wrong one. Plus the light in the store was really bad (strong artificial light, that makes me go blind).
It was terrible, I wanted to pick the bubblegum pink with gold shimmer, and I got out with some natural looking blusher?! Although I just realized my MAC mineralized blusher is quite similar to the blusher I wanted. Interesting.

Anyway I got this lovely blusher, that is more or less very wearable. All the ladies that like a subtle blushed look will like it. I prefer strong blushed cheeks (but not so noticeable), so this one is not my favorite. It's great, yes but not the color I thought I bought.

Official description:
With the widest range of the market, Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush is our iconic and timeless product since 1863.

Bourjois Little Round Pot blush was the first ever dry powder making make-up accessible to all women everyday in the 19th century.
Discover our application advices and make-up tips to get the cheeks that will add the finishing touch to your fashion statement whatever your skin tone!

The package is a lovely small pot, with a mirror inside and a tiny brush. It comes with a small golden push button. The plastic pot should resemble exactly the color of the blush, but honestly.. I don't think it does. Okay sure it's of the similar color, but the shimmer and all that stuff? Not at all. The mirror is handy and the brush is quite useful for quick touch ups, but that's pretty much it. 

 The brush itself is rubbish. Alright it's super cute, somehow useful, picks up some product but that's it. I managed to scratch my face with it more than once. And I'm really not THAT clumsy. I wish the bristles would be softer.

The blush is actually a baked product (I love those, I got one MAC mineralized blush), but it's a harder one than MAC. I heard that the top layer can get hard after a while, and than then you have to scrub it off, but I'm hoping that won't happen to me. The color I have is not really pigmented. As I said it's very natural looking on my pale skin.

Here it's applied vigorously on my hand, multiple layers of it. 

The blush itself has a powdery scent, as most of Bourjois product do. I'm not a huge fan of the scent, since it's the same exact scent as the talc my dad uses to brush our small dog, here and there with. Weird I know, but it's the same overwhelming scent. A bit Rose like, but very old smelling like. Not for young people, I'd say.
Plus the scent lasts quite a while even after applied. 

One Layer of blush

Packed on

I used the blush quite a lot of times (packed on) and I liked the effect it gave me. It lasted on me for 6+ hours (very visible) , which is quite normal for my blushers. And even when I got ready in the morning, the blusher stayed on till evening. I mean it wasn't as strong as first, but there was definitely something there. 
So when it comes to staying power, I'd say it's mediocre. 
After all I do like it, and will surely purchase another couple of shades, but I wish it wouldn't smell like something old and it would stay on longer. But that's maybe just this natural looking shade. I'll see with others.

+Very natural shade for pale people
+You can build it up
+Comes with a mirror inside the case
+Tiny brush which is great for emergencies
+I love the cute package

-It is expensive
-The package looks cheap and non resistant
-The scent is too strong
-This shade isn't very opaque
-Staying power

Rating: 3/5 
Price: 2/5  (10€ for 2,5g of product)

Overall: I would repurchase the blusher, but in another shade (and if I do, I'll write another review). It's quite expensive for my student wallet, so I expected more from it. It's not bad, but I get the same staying powder from an Essence blusher. Plus the scent it's not my favourite. But it's true that if you use only one blusher, it's not that expensive, tho that's not me. I like to try several products and honestly for me it's a bit too expensive. It looks gorgeous on my pale skin, very natural but it wouldn't show up on darker skin tones since it hardly shows on mine. The package is also very cute, but sadly I read that it falls apart really quickly. I still have to test that part. Well would I recommend it? If you can get it for a cheaper price or you'd be using only this one plus you like natural looking blushers, then yes. Otherwise not. 

After two long years (time flies!) I realized this is my favorite blush (right MAC mineralized blush in Hand finish). I would totally repurchase it !!

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