Review: Essence Blush Brush

Hi dear readers,

I must say that I have a bunch of stuff I still need to post (photos edited, text made up in my mind, products tested), but I completely forgot about these. I just found out about 5 pairs of circle lenses that need to be reviewed in a folder on my desktop. Yay for being organized.. lol.

Anyway, I found the photos of a brush from Essence that I got a while ago (months - about 11 months ago, LOL). 
At that time it was all new and fresh and then god knows what happened - oh right - I got pregnant. Haha.

Off to the review:

I like the way the brush looks (pink anyone?), but except the pretty sleek look it is also very soft. 
It is meant to be used as a brush blush, but maybe it's a little bit too soft for my Bourjouis blush but other than this exceptionally hard blush, well it works well on other super pigmented blushes - it does really help you not to pick up too much.

What does that mean for us girls that love to overdo our blushes? Well nothing much, except that you'll need too apply MORE MORE and again MORE. Or maybe just stick with one or two swipes of the blush on this brush and look normal for once...  :D

I have absolutely no idea what are the bristles made of - I can't even speculate. :/

What does essence say:
Pink is beautiful! particularly in terms of the new blush brush from essence. Its soft, beveled brush hair are perfect for shading and modeling face and cheeks. Especially the cheek area can be professionally accentuated and highlighted with the blush brush. The brush is always well kept in the handy, transparent packaging and always ready for action.

Well yes, it's pretty. Drop dead gorgeous. But after all it's just a brush! 

It comes in this plastic bag that I had to throw away since it's hard to get the brush out without bending any bristle and it's hard to clean. Ew, ew! It's also damn hard to get the brush out! The plastic tends to stick to the other plastic parts and now get it out.. 
But the idea is cute. Maybe if you don't have a brush case or a box where you keep your brushes, this could work. Or maybe to take it with you out, to hmm fix your make up? 

Oh well. I have to admit I prefer the brush (which is supposed to be a face brush) from Essence Wild Craft to apply even my hard Bourjous blush. 

I got mine in Muller, but they should have it in other places that carry Essence (Tuš Drogerija, DM, Nama, Hiša Daril).

+ I really like the pink color of the bristles
+ Super soft
+ Cheap (less than 4€)
+ Helps you not to overdo your blush

- It may be a little too soft for harder blushes

It's not bad, I just didn't use it much since I got it (but to make it fair - I didn't wear much make up during the last 9 months). It does its job well, it's super soft and the bristles do stay well in place even after a couple of washings. A good brush for a good price.

*This product was purchased by myself. My opinion is always honest.

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