NOTD: Essence Party Princess


Today it's a rainy day and even if I have a lot of things to do (and did most of them, yeah!!) I decided to blog about a new polish in my stash (you really didn't think that I stopped buying nail polish?).

It's called Party Princess and it's a new polish from Essence. 
I really like the look of it in the bottle and on a black base..  itself? Well hell, I didn't know it was this sheer before I applied the first coat (well I thought it could be, but I also thought it could look pretty in the sheer version).

The first coat coloured my nails a bit of a sheer pink (looks super ugly!!) and some glitter. The glitter was fine, tho it leaved my nails feeling rough. 

After that I had no more time (LO woke up, heh) and so I finished my manicure at night. I think I applied about 6 super thin layers (which could compare to 2-3 thick layers). 

And the result? I don't like it. It reminds me of a child's play nail polish. Okay it DOES look pretty on photos, but in RL..  just not my thing (tho how could this happen?! I love pink, I love glitter.. what happened?!).

Meh.. I am not impressed, and I got a feeling that it's going to be really hard to take it off.. :/

But at least it does dry super quickly! ;) So yes, it is a topper.. as an alone polish it just.. sucks.

Flash photo that went wrong:

Ah well... 
At least I got a shiny manicure that will last for..  a while and so I can feel prettier? Lol.

Do you have any of the new nail polishes from Essence? Your thoughts on them?

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