NOTD: Max Factor Fantasy Fire (the NEW Unicorn Pee)

Hi dear readers,
It's my pleasure to announce a gorgeous nail polish.. so gorgeous that it reminds of a 'part' of an also beautiful creature.... 

Ladies and gentlemen,...
The NEW unicorn pee!

Haha.. I just had to. Seriously, just had to :D

Soo... I was searching for this really 'wanted' nail polish for a while. Well since it came out. But I was always out of luck..  until.. well last time. I got lucky and found a full shelf of polishes. These polishes. THE polishes!

I applied 1 coat of Essence SYF Deep Blue Sea and 1 coat of Max Factor Fantasy Fire. I think it would probably look even better with another layer of FF.

The price is 3.75€ for 5ml, which is quite a lot. But this little gem is worth it.
I got mine in DrogerieMarkt (DM).

Natural (inside - by the window) light:

Neon light / in water:

 Natural light (by the window):

Water (the bubbles were going up.. I couldn't wait anymore to take a picture!)

Neon light: 

It's a real beauty, isn't it? 
I don't buy stuff from Max Factor, but this polish is just drop dead gorgeous <3 .="." p="p">

Do you already have it?
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