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Well hello there! :)

While I was pregnant I had no idea how it is to be a parent. I thought it may be hard, but I was wrong. It's was even harder in the first two weeks. But then.. it got easier. And as we breastfeed day after day, the bond between me and my son grew stronger. 

At that point I had absolutely no idea what attachment parenting is. I just knew I wanted to respond to my baby every single cry. Because he needs me. Because this is the only way he can communicate with me. 

And I am absolutely sure I am doing this right. It's when I see my baby's smile that I know he's alright and that even if at first I was exhausted, it's totally worth it. 

Of course it gets better and better with him being able to distract himself for about an hour - this hour is for me, so I don't get mad. 

Sadly I don't have much support with the kid when his father comes exhausted home, but when he's alright and not stressed out I do get the help I need. Tho now I got used to it. And sometimes I feel like it wouldn't matter if I were alone, since I feel like I do everything by myself. But those thoughts come out only when I'm super stressed, because to be honest they aren't true. He's super helpful when he can be ;).

 Photo by Martina Maršič

Now I also discovered the boba wrap and I can carry my son whenever I go! No more staying in my arms, but it's better.. I have my hands free and he is all warm and cosy. Usually sleeping. It feels like freedom!

Yes, attachment parenting is hard if you're doing it alone or almost alone. But if you have help it's the best thing ever. Or when the kid gets older.

The best thing is that I can leave my child with his grandmother for an hour and so, when they are visiting xD. That is me and my dear time together! :D

Don't get me wrong, I DO have help. Mother in law, my mom when I go home and so on. 

I believe that co-sleeping is the best thing for me and my baby (because before I didn't sleep absolutely nothing!), breastfeeding bonds us together and weraring gives me the freedom I need. 

Being a parent is the best thing that happened to me and the little sun shines bright bright bright! Most of the days he plays, sleeps, eats and all over again :). 

He is also hypertonic in the arms, but we'll go to neuropsychoteraphy and everything will work out for the best. 

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  1. I absolutely agree, it's demanding, but rewarding too.
    I think that the kind of love between a parent and her/his children is really amazing: pure and unconditional. You love them, whatever they do and so do they.
    I fear the moment when my 6 and 4yrs old will become angry teens :-P
    BTW I love how your cutie peeks between the wrap in the first picture!

  2. Aly thank you for your comment. The love between a mother and her child is unconditional, and I know when people told me to let him cry, that that is wrong. You can feel that in your heart, when it breaks piece per piece with every cry.

    I do completely agree with you :). I hope your kids won't bee to angry as teenagers :D

  3. premda su male bebe teške jer nas neprestano trebaju, to je i najljepši period majčinstva... u stvari, svaka godina odrastanja nosi neke svoje specifičnosti u kojima možemo uživati :D
    nadam se da kod neuropedijatra sve bude ok, to sam prošla i sa svojim sinom, držim ti fige :D
    uživajte <3


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