NOTD: Zoya Mitzi


After all the pink manicures I wanted something different. Lime green or something...  And after a short visit to my sister's I picked up from her stash this what seemed beautiful nail polish - Zoya Mitzi.

In the bottle it looked like a gorgeous light green polish that would be easy to wear with a shiny top coat.
Well wrong! I was wondering why I didn't find many pictures of it online.. now I know.

Because it is SHIT. Seriously. 
The application is terrible..  It took me 5 thin coats (because thick coat = f. long drying time, patchy application) to make it look decent. And even then it didn't look decent...

The drying time is mediocre, nothing special at all. 

Ohh don't get me wrong, it IS beautiful under neon light. Drop dead gorgeous..  (btw on my ring finger there's Catrice Genious in the bottle).

BUT this is it. When I applied a shiny top coat it left scratches behind. So I applied two coats more of another top coat..  Same thing.

Can you see the scratches?

And in natural light... EW! It looks way more yellow than under the bright neon light, and the scratches are even more visible..

I am truly disappointed in this nail polish.. :/
It seemed like a perfect polish, a tiny poisonous beauty..  but it turned out it's just poisonous and that's it. :P

Do you also have any similar experiences with nail polish?

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