NOTD: Bourjois Rose Cupcake #6


I couldn't watch that green horror any more, so I applied my newest addition. What is it? Bourjois nail polish that actually has a name! Rose Pink! In the store I thought it's really dirty rose and not such a lovely pink color (I don't think I have anything like it?).
Btw in most stores (Muller, Tus Drogerija, DM) they have 50% off on Bourjois nail polishes.

The application was easy, the brush is somehow chubby, but nothing too dramatic. I like it. Drying time is fine, I guess I have a problem with the top coat since it bubbles every single time after a couple of hours. *le sigh*

This is so much prettier than the green mess.. :D I also need to visit Lush, to get lemony flutter, which is the only saviour for my cuticles ATM.

Le sexy sheet marks, oh boy! xD

On the sunlight it's the prettiest <3.

Neon light does it no justice.. 

Overall I like Bourjois nail polishes. I don't have lots of them because I prefer cheaper ones (since I already have so many nail polishes), or simply because I usually decide not to spend 7€ on a bottle of nail polish. xD I guess I'm super cheap when it comes to nail polish, except if I REALLY want that damn little bottle.

Have a wonderful day, and next week expect my pregnancy diary.. ;)

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