NOTD: Dote Style Apaixonada


Even if I love pink nails and all I want to wear ATM are pink nails, I decided to apply a nice light blue nail polish. I am not sure if I already wore it or not, but it is gorgeous.

Sadly it took me 3 layers of nail polish to get full opacity. That means longer drying time... But worth the wait!
For some reason after a couple of hours small bubbles formed on my nails.. :/ Weird. They were already dry at that point.

Anyway.. off to the beauty itself.

YAY for getting back my DSLR! <3. 

+ bonus pic of my funny dog. :D


  1. O, kako je Pablo posrečen na tej sliki :D

  2. where did you find this brand? i want to buy some, but can't find it!

    thank you<3

    [email protected]


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