DOML: End of April to May

Hi! :)

I am updating my instagram (cherrycolors) with pictures almost daily. This is why I have a bunch of them now, and will post only a couple.

The last two weeks were really busy, with me buying baby's stuff, going to the seaside for a couple of days and so on.. :) 
Here I am sharing a couple of pictures, but you know.. I mostly take pictures of food.  :P

First my new dress + of course my tummy :D. In the BG there's my dear on the PC. 

I love love greek sarma. There's almost nothing better when it comes to it.. :P (except seafood)

My dog sleeping - close up. So cute, right?!

Pablo sleeping once more.. :D

Gorgeous view from the car.. :S

How was your week lovelies? <3

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  1. These pictures are lovely! I'm so excited for you!!!! Take care girl!


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