NOTD: Color Club Space Case

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ~ <3!!

I've been in love with this nail polish since I first saw it. It wasn't that long ago - I think it was about 3 months ago. First I had to learn which color it is, and when I did .. I got sad :/. I learned that it was a limited edition.
But since it's a LE from 2011, I still got some hope left... But in the meanwhile I forgot about it.

Until yesterday. I saw it in this tiny store, that they are selling Color Club nail polishes. Sadly they didn't have it, but I got their fast drying nail polish. But (!!) an hour or so later I found another store selling CC polishes and they DID have it!! I was overexcited! It was the last one, and also used (!), but honestly I didn't mind. I wanted it pretty badly so I bought it. And with it the Ultra Astral polish from the same collection.

Now I have it and I think it was a great purchase! I am madly in love with it, and it makes me giggle every time I look at it (quite annoying lol).

I had to edit the photos (lighten them), because it photographs as some hardcore neon when in truth it's a light pink one.

The photo without the editing - it looks really bold.

 When in most cases it looks like this!

I was hoping that the fast drying top coat would give it a more glossy finish, but not. You can see the glitter and feel it too (not too bad).

Instagram picture

I am currently madly in love with it <3.
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