Review: GEO Hurricane Violet lenses (HC-101)

Hiiii! <3

It's time for some circle lenses review! And you know what's best? That these lenses are violet. Violet on green eyes, yeaaah! :D
Anyway I took the pictures quite a while ago, but decided to write the review only now (sometimes I'm just slow).

Again, these are yearly lenses so you can wear them all year long (with proper cleaning and usage).

They have a nice black rim around them, but it blends in them really nicely. I absolutely love the pattern on these. It's so much fun!

On my eyes. Off/on
Natural light

Flash light

Haha, my eyebrows were really a mess, no? :D

And the lenses alone on my eyes. <3

I love the effect they gave me (very dolly!) and actually they do blend quite well with my light eyes. That came a bit of a shock to me, because I'm used to look like a soulless child with dark lenses. 

Enlargement: 10/10
YES! They make my eyes look huge! The rim adds something to it, but damn I'm seriously in-love with these.

Color/Design: 9/10
I know that I usually say that I prefer natural looking lenses, but these really grew on my. Perfection + they are violet. I prefer crazy crazy lenses or just natural looking ones. Well these are in the middle, still really wearable but the color and pattern is just.. aww <3.

Comfort: 8/10
Despite their size these came out to be pretty damn comfortable. A couple of minutes wearing them and I didn't even know I was wearing lenses!

Well when was the last time I was so crazy over a pair of circle lenses? It's really been a while. I only wish I had them with prescription so I could wear them without my glasses. But still, perfection! <3

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