Geo Twin Honey - YH 304

Hi everyone!

It's time to post another review of a less natural looking pair of lenses. But still, these are fun! 
I had this yellow, red and black make up and when I put these lenses on, I realized it's the worst combination of colors possible. But I liked the effect they gave me. Warewolf (or Edward Cullen) style! :D

Usage Modality:  Yearly Disposable

BC:  8.6 mm

DIA:  14.0 mm
Water content:  38% 

They did blend well with my own light eyes. The brown covered the green parts of my eye pretty well.

Flash light
 Natural light

As you can see they look good, from far away. If you look close enough, you can see the pattern and my own color. But normally you can't see it.

They don't really have an enlarging effect, but I don't mind that. I like them for their uniqueness. 

Natural light, full face.

Enlargement: 1/10
Nothing much. It does a tiny bit of enlarging, but no enough to be called dolly eyes.

Color/Design: 6/10
I liked the color, I liked the way they look on my eyes. Even if I think that this kind of brown (honey) doesn't really suit me. But still, pretty design! 

Comfort: 7/10
Comfort wise they are OK. They didn't dry my eyes in the couple of hours I wore them, and I could't feel them at all - except when inserting them for the first time.

I do like them, but the color doesn't suit me. It's a nice change from my green eyes (which means they are really opaque, since no other circle lens could do that for me). They are comfortable (tho not super), look pretty and last up a year. They would probably look better on someone else (dark haired, less pale?) than me.

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