NOTD: Illamasqua Loella + Bled Cream cake


Since my last manicure it's been more than a week. For some reason the sparkling thing chipped quite fast, but the glitter didn't want to get off! :<

And so I came to this dilemma - what to put on?
I got this gorgeous nail polish by Illamasqua from my sister, so I decided to got for it, and apply it.

The application was fine, but it took me 3 layers to get full opacity. The drying time was so-so, since I don't have a fast drying top coat.

I went to sleep 2 hours after the manicure and on my right hand there were sheet marks on my nails :/.

Original Bled cream cake.

Guilty pleasure :D


  1. omg!! Kremšnita!!!!!!! I miss it so much from home.. I would literally fly home for that cake. I have one every single day in summer when I am back in Croatia!

  2. @Tali
    Really?! :D I love them, but they have to be good. It's been way too many times that I ate a really bad one. Bleh! Luckily this one was good!


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