NOTD: Catrice Heavy Metallilac

This nail polish was love at first sight. I saw it in our local (lol ok, not really - in BTC) Muller and I fell in love right away. 

A while ago I was searching for the perfect violet nail polish, but I couldn't find it. I was super angry and disappointed. But now I finally found it.

It's absolutely perfect, plus the application is a dream. The new formula has a new brush which is thicker and bigger, but it makes the application easier. 

I needed two coats, and the formula is well genius. It dries quickly, it's easy to apply and it has the right consistency. 

It is a dream come true <3.

The color varies from cold purple to warm purple, depending on the light.

And the brush! It's a bit of a crappy picture, but oh well.. I hope you can see it well enough.

If you can get this polish, I do recommend it! It's divine, and hopefully the other new catrice polishes have the same formula. Well hopefully!


  1. Krasno! Me veseli, da smo tudi mi že dobili nove lakce. <3

  2. It looks slightly duochromey to me. Very pretty.

  3. Ivana: Jap, sem slucajno naletela na polno stojalo <3.

    Marox79: Yes, it's duochrome indeed. Gorgeous <3!


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