Haul: Previous months till now


I hope everyone is doing okay and that the recent snow, didn't trouble you at all. 

In the past couple of months I didn't really buy much make up, because well.. - I don't need it since I have still a pretty decent stock. And because I can't afford to buy things I don't need :P.

If we don't count a couple of nail polishes, shower gels, body creams and shampoo this is everything I bought in the last few months.

My very first catrice items! Skin primer and 5 concealers set. 

I ran out of my BB cream, and since I am not a big fan of the foundation I have, I decided to get a new one. My 2nd favorite BB cream ever. Plus I got an extra freebie! ;) I ordered it from Ebay.

My e.l.f. haul. I read many great reviews about the face primer, so I wanted it for a very long time. And when they got the no shipping offer, I went for it. :).
I also got the spraying mist, cream blush (I wanted a regular one, but it was sold out) and eyelid primer in sheer. 

I thought the cream blushes were smaller, since I read a whining review on how little product there is inside. Well the packaging is huge, but there's quite a lot of product too!

 Swatch. The blush is heavily applied. 

Essence winter LE had creams. I am currently using the strawberry cupcake cream. It smells yummy!

I don't remember all the nail polishes I got, but here is the last one.

Dear readers, I have a question for you all.
Do you buy stuff you know you probably won't use, or you buy one the stuff you need?
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