Haul: Previous months till now


I hope everyone is doing okay and that the recent snow, didn't trouble you at all. 

In the past couple of months I didn't really buy much make up, because well.. - I don't need it since I have still a pretty decent stock. And because I can't afford to buy things I don't need :P.

If we don't count a couple of nail polishes, shower gels, body creams and shampoo this is everything I bought in the last few months.

My very first catrice items! Skin primer and 5 concealers set. 

I ran out of my BB cream, and since I am not a big fan of the foundation I have, I decided to get a new one. My 2nd favorite BB cream ever. Plus I got an extra freebie! ;) I ordered it from Ebay.

My e.l.f. haul. I read many great reviews about the face primer, so I wanted it for a very long time. And when they got the no shipping offer, I went for it. :).
I also got the spraying mist, cream blush (I wanted a regular one, but it was sold out) and eyelid primer in sheer. 

I thought the cream blushes were smaller, since I read a whining review on how little product there is inside. Well the packaging is huge, but there's quite a lot of product too!

 Swatch. The blush is heavily applied. 

Essence winter LE had creams. I am currently using the strawberry cupcake cream. It smells yummy!

I don't remember all the nail polishes I got, but here is the last one.

Dear readers, I have a question for you all.
Do you buy stuff you know you probably won't use, or you buy one the stuff you need?


  1. ta korektor imam tudi jaz. ampak ker sem že dva porabila (samo en odtenek) vsi ostali so nedotaknjeni, sem se nazadnje odločila za nakup korektorja v stiku. :) Drugače pa lepo prekrije nepravilnosti:)

  2. Ooh, you got all three Essence hand creams.
    Tell us more about that Skinfood BB Cream when you can.

  3. Uh, jaz sem si kupila te Essence kreme na zalogo. :D Trenutno pa Apple Pie uporabljam. :D
    Sem si pred kratkim kupila elf primer, ampak ga še nisem probala. :) Kako se pa blush obnese? Me mika že nekaj časa. :D

  4. Pink_Diamond: A to si ful hitro porabila? ;o

    Marox79: I'll write another review - tho there's already one on my site: http://www.cherrycolors.com/2009/12/review-skin-food-mushroom-bb-cream.html
    I may add some info, but otherwise I still love it. Especially the scent (it's so fresh!).

    Mateja Mateja: Blush je OK, samo za moje pojme premalo pigmentiran. Je super za tak nezen izgled.


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