NOTD: Birthday manicure


Since yesterday, when I saw a teddy manicure on a blog (I forgot which one, eh!), I decided that my birthday manicure will be the one with a teddy bear. 

I mean, of course I am getting older, but what is cuter than a teddy bear? :P 

So I drew two cuties on my nails, one on each ring finger. The drawing on my left hand was supposed to look weird, since I'm left handed, but it somehow almost looks better than the right one. Oh well, practice, practice and practice is all I have to say.

From far away the bear looks fine (this is my left hand).

The right hand bear.. 

The closer you get, more mistakes you can see (and realize that I don't have a steady hand).

 And my currently favorite ring - it's an old one but has a very special stone for me. Aquamarine. 

Enjoy your day ;).
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