Keeping my skin matte - top 3 items!


I wanted to share my little secret with you all..  For me keeping my skin matte is very important, I can't stand the extra shine on my forehead, nose and chin. That's why I try to use the products who will keep me worry-free for at least most hours of the day.

I was searching and searching for cheap products that could do exactly that - and I can finally say I found them!

Let me present you...  The essentials.

First my beloved Miss Sporty - So Clear pressing powder.
Sadly it seems they have changed the formula so it doesn't help me stay oil-free for the whole day (and it's getting colder outside!). That's why I only use it seldom and on the go.

Next there's my newest purchase - Essence Fix&Matte translucent loose powder. It reminds me of LimeCrime's Fairy Dust (or whatever it was called). It leaves my skin smooth and matte, which is lovely! Also it helps me stay oil-free for more than 6 hours. And yes, my skin has gone crazy, it gets oily quite quickly and I have combination skin, eh!
I just checked the ingredients - bleh too many parabens :(. 

Then there is the Essence Oil Control paper. It's not as great as I remember those Korean ones to be (I don't remember the brand, but they were blue), but they do their job just fine. I'm happy Essence came up with something as useful for oily skin as this is.

 The paper is brown-ish. Which makes it harder to see if it does 'suck out' any oil.  On the picture below there's an oily stain. So it does work.

This is pretty much it for now, when I find something budget friendly and that does also work for me - I'll let you know!

Thank you for reading! ^^

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