Top 4 Eyeliners!


It's again time to share my favorite products with you all! ^^
This time it's - yup you guessed it correctly -  eyeliners! They are pretty essential when it comes to make up for me. They can instantly turn a 'bleh' make up into a 'wow' one. Why? Because a precise line is just gorgeous. No matter what color it is!

So which are my top four?

1. Essence I love style liquid liner (black)
2. Essence Sun Club TE - BBC all night brown
3. Essence Mother Earth is Watching you (Natventurista) - champagne
4. Unknown brand (black)

As you can see most of them are gel liners. And from Essence too! Why? Especially since I hated the formula at first? Well, I realized they are pretty easy to apply and are very long lasting plus I can use them as an eyeshadow base. That's right! As an eyeshadow base and it won't bother me, actually I can't feel it at all on my eyelids!

The last one is just my only black gel liner and I've had it for quite a while (nope, not two years yet). It's dense, deep black and you have to be very careful on the amount you use. Or it leaves those nasty stains under your brows. Not pretty! But when you manage to apply just the right amount, it can survive pretty much anything! 

What are your top eyeliners? Do you prefer gel liners or liquid liners?
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