Tiny Muller Haul

Hi beauties, 

I went shopping with my sister two days ago and I saw this new box of Deborah Milano MINI nail polishes. I know I said I don't need any new nail polishes, but they were so cute! And tiny! And they have stickers with the color and name on top! I couldn't resist! They were also cheap (1,89€).

*I also needed a new facial wash and decided to try the Essence. 
*Plus my favorite hand cream again from Essence.
*And the gel liner from Essence. I only have a fake mac one which is incredible, but I wanted a new one. It is brown.
*TerraNaturi lip balsam wish is actually pretty good!
*Sponges cake - because the sephora blender gets dirty too soon (I'll post a review) and it's a PITA to clean!
*Salt for feet
*Deborah CUTE mini nail polishes
*Aveo nail polish remover with acetone (best thing for 45c!)

Tomorrow I'll show you a couple of pictures of the first nail polish (Burlesque red - 37). It's gorgeous, it truly is...



  1. I have the same hand creme from Essence and it's great.
    Cute mini Deborah's.

  2. Tele miniji so pa res luštni! :)
    Poleg tega pa me ful zanima, kako se ti bo zdela tale Essence My skin zadevica. Enkrat sem že skoraj kupila eno od kremic iz te linije, pa mi je prodajalka "namignila", da je to v bistvu samo za otroke. Mislim OMG! :)) Tako da si bom kremico raje kupila kje drugje, sploh, če se ti bo tale zdela v redu. ;D


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