Tiny Muller Haul

Hi beauties, 

I went shopping with my sister two days ago and I saw this new box of Deborah Milano MINI nail polishes. I know I said I don't need any new nail polishes, but they were so cute! And tiny! And they have stickers with the color and name on top! I couldn't resist! They were also cheap (1,89€).

*I also needed a new facial wash and decided to try the Essence. 
*Plus my favorite hand cream again from Essence.
*And the gel liner from Essence. I only have a fake mac one which is incredible, but I wanted a new one. It is brown.
*TerraNaturi lip balsam wish is actually pretty good!
*Sponges cake - because the sephora blender gets dirty too soon (I'll post a review) and it's a PITA to clean!
*Salt for feet
*Deborah CUTE mini nail polishes
*Aveo nail polish remover with acetone (best thing for 45c!)

Tomorrow I'll show you a couple of pictures of the first nail polish (Burlesque red - 37). It's gorgeous, it truly is...

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