OPI Last Friday Night (Katy Perry) over Hide Bella Hide (Essence)

Hi dolls,

For the last couple of days I've been wearing this gorgeous nail polish that was made in collaboration with Katy Perry. It's called Last Friday Night and it's very sheer (tho filled with glitter). 
It was the only one I liked from the promo images, but I was saddened when I realized it's not as opaque as pictured.

That's why I used it over Essence Hide Bella Hide (Eclipse TE). 
I'm sure it's lovely on its own, but I have no guts to apply more than 5 layers of nail polish. I applied two coats of it over Essence.

I'm only guessing it would take many polishes to look like the promotional picture.

The weird thing is... that after a day I noticed mini bubbles underneath the top coat. Woah? Why? I am pretty sure that after the apply (and some hours lather either) they weren't there. I'm confused. 
I'll try next time with another base coat (because the top coat is from OPI so it should work, no?)

I applied:
*Pretty Girl Base Coat - 1 layer
*Essence Hide Bella Hide (Eclipse TE) - 2 layers
*OPI Last Friday Night (Katy Perry LE) - 2 layers
*OPI Rapid Dry top coat - 1 layer

Thank you for all your comments! <3


  1. Na tako kombinacijo pa še nisem pomislila...

  2. Wonderful! I like it so much because it's a soft manicure but, ehy, look at me and at my glitters!! Eheh well done.

  3. Hey that's really nice, good result.

  4. Biba: Jaz naceloma te prosojne lakce kombiniram.. tokrat sem prej pac imela srebrnega gor :)).

    Carolina Crews: Yeah! :D

    LittleBitColor: I love glitters too. They're a PITA to remove, but sooo pretty to look at!

    Charlotte Sparkle: Thanks! ^^

  5. Very pretty! I have been SO lazy with my nails... I think I need a manicure asap! :D

    Nea -Fashioned in Finland-


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