NOTD: Deborah Mini Burlesque Red 37

Hi dolls,

As promised, here are some pictures of the gorgeous Burlesque Red from Deborah Milano. 
The application wasn't problematic at all. I used 2 layers for full opacity. 

This is a gorgeous deep red with tiny red shimmer in it. There's nothing else to add, that gorgeous. It kind of reminds me of the franken polish I once did - Almost Midnight. Tho only in the shadow in the sun it's nothing like it (actually I like my franken polish better in the sun, but sadly it dried up and I didn't have the restoring drops).

It's still a beauty, and I must get other colors too :D! 

What do you think? It's a classic or not?


  1. Nimajo ga več v mullerju :((( sad sad sad... Ful je hot :)

  2. Biba: Res je, sem se prav zagledala vanjga!

    Sanja: Po mojem jih se dobijo... sva s Heleno ravno slucajno naletele na polno kosaro (ali whatever so ze) teh lakcev. Samo v tisti posodi/kosari izgledajo vsi prav bedno... :P

  3. Ja, sem jih vidla ja :))) In nabavla itak :))

    Upam, da gremo ju3 ja... vse je odvisno od tvoje sestre :))

  4. that's a very special color, and I love the sparkles :D

    xxx London & Paris

    ps: you can still join our chanel giveaway ^-^


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