Review: Retractable Green Powder Brush (Born Pretty Store)


Today I have another brush review for you all. This one got me very excited so I was super happy when I finally got it!

The design is gorgeous, green and shiny. I also liked the blue version a lot (Brand New Blue Retractable Powder Blush Brush Makeup), but at that point, I didn't realize it is also sold separately (and not in packs of 10). That's why I got the green one.

You can see it's really pretty! But there's a problem. 

You see the part where the cover 'stops' (where you put the cover on when the brush is retracted)? Well, you see it's high up? And not UNDER the retractable part? That causes a problem. An annoying and ugly problem. 
If your brush is closed and you turn it upside down, the inside part moves, so you get an elongated version of your brush (with the cover on). 

You can't really see it on pictures, that's why I made a quick video showing it.
I thought that only my brush was defective, but then I realized that it's the brush design that is faulty! So they all must be like this!

Which is really a shame, because the brush itself is great. It has soft and firm bristles, and I use it for mineral foundation or setting powder on the go.

The cleansing wasn't problematic (I was afraid it would shred, but it didn't) and also the drying was fine (I dried it on the side). 

It's also great for taking with you because it's quite sturdy. It survived a lot of days in my purse without a scratch.

+ Gorgeous looking Brush
+ Actually a great brush!
+ Cheap
+ Comes in different colors
+ It's easy to wash (I didn't think it would be)
+ Travel-friendly
+ The side is also great because it's big enough for an even application and small enough for traveling. 

- It doesn't close as it should (look at the video)

Price: 4/5 ♥ ($5.62)
Rating: 2/5 

I'd give it a better score if it weren't for the faulty patent. I mean the brush is fantastic, great bristles. But I really dislike the way it's made. I think they should reconsider their whole line design because it's really annoying. I mean alright the graphic design is lovely, but the patent is just. annoying. It's too bad because otherwise I really like this brush. 

This product was sent to me by the company itself or its PR. For more information please do read my Disclosure Policy. I am also affiliated with this company and I get a small amount from your purchases if you use my links.  My reviews are ALWAYS honest. 
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