NOTD: Claire's Mood Polish Happy/Earthy


Today I have a post for you all, which is about a nail polish that changes color. I was giggling when I read that girls were actually surprised that it does change color. Well honestly if a product says it does that, I'd be only surprised if it didn't change color! :D

Anyway Happy/Earthy is a gorgeous green polish that goes from forest green to neon yellow. It actually changes color all the time. But most of the time the nails are yellow with green tips.
Yellow = hot, Green = cold.

It's gorgeous! It needs 3 coats and even then you can still see the nail line. Tho when it's green it's not visible, only when it is yellow.
It is also hard to capture on the camera.

Plus it chipped the next day! :< I reapplied the polish on that nail but it chipped again! Even with top coat. So it's not long lasting, which is a real shame.

Would you wear it? I got lots of compliments about it! ^^
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