Review: 7 Pieces Brush Set (Born Pretty Store)

Hi, everyone!

I was sent this brush set from the Born Pretty Store for review purposes. I picked it myself from their site ( New 7 Pcs Pink Makeup Brushes Cosmetic Set Kit w/ Case), and I was expecting it to be pink. I mean pink casing and brushes. 

But sadly the images are a bit deceiving because the brushes are actually black! 

Let's move to the pictures.
This is how the pouch looks like. It's pink and shiny. It is very similar to the one I got from Ebay. I think it's faux leather, very soft.

The brushes are all nice and covered. So you don't lose them while transporting them from one place to another.

Here they are! From left to right:
Lash & Brow Comb (Dual Tips)
Lipstick Brush
Angled brush 
Small Lip Line Brush
Small round Eyeshadow Brush
Large round Eyeshadow Brush
Blusher/Powder Brush

To be honest, I didn't exactly use as what they are mean The 'large' round eyeshadow brush was sometimes used for concealer (it works fantastically with that!). Also, the angled brush is great for filling in your brows - just enough thick and soft.

I was expecting the brushes to be of the same quality as the ones I got from Ebay (for a similar price, 7 pieces), but they are not. I thought they would be scratchy and hard to use. Weirdly enough they are not.

They are very firm and soft and work a lot better than the brushes I have from Muller (I only have 1 left, but it's scratchy - it's around 3€).

I am impressed. The lip brush came in a weird shape (you can see in the photo below), but that's nothing a bit of washing can't fix. 

I also thought the brushes will shred like crazy, but they don't! Again I am impressed. They did shred a bit with the first wash, but nothing unusual. 

But truth to be told, I don't have a lot of brush experience. Until now (I bought two sets of brushes a while ago) I didn't have a lot of brushes. I had about 30 of them in total. I know that some more expensive ones (like the stippling brush from Sephora!) shred like crazy and some cheaper don't (Essence Powder Brush). 

+ They are actually good.
+ They don't shred much (except a hair during the first wash).
+They are CHEAP!
+ The bristles are very soft and firm, quite dense.
+ Eyeshadow/Blush apply is really easy with them (they pick the right amount of product).

- From the website pictures, I thought they were PINK!
- The dual comb is crap. I mean I'm used to hard bristles of the 2nd side, but damn I thought that because everything else is soft, that this one will be also!
- I'm not sure what are they made of (but I think it's synthetic because the bristles of the dual comb are synthetic, + when I burned a hair from each brush it smells like plastic at most, so I think it's Taklon)

Price: 5/5 ♥ ($7.17)
Rating: 4/5 

In comparison to the ones I already own these are quite good. Actually, some of them became my favorite after the first try. I would recommend these to the ones that don't use brushes yet, but would like to try (and don't want to spend a fortune for them). And some would work great also for the pros out there. I took one heart from the rating because the official pictures are deceiving. 

This product was sent to me by the company itself or its PR. For more information please do read my Disclosure Policy. I am also affiliated with this company and I get a small amount from your purchases if you use my links.  My reviews are ALWAYS honest. 
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