Review: ES A020 Bottom lashes

Hi lovelies,

I received two boxes of false lashes from KKCenterHK for review purposes. I am pretty sure that by now you already know this company. 
Today I am going to review the bottom lashes.

They are from ES and their number (name?) is A020. 

They come in a lovely box. You get 20 lashes ^^. And truthfully they will last you quite a while since if you are careful (well if you clean them!) you can re-use them.

They are all attached to an invisible string and look quite stiff. But when you bend them a bit they got softer. They can't compare to 'natural' lashes but they are very good anyway.

They have longer and shorter parts to resemble your natural lashes. 
You don't get any glue with them, so you need to purchase that separately.

The lashes are attached to an invisible string, to give you the natural look. Super pretty!

Of course, you have to shorten them, because you probably don't want to walk around with huge bottom lashes, no? :) Well, of course, you can rock the 'huge eyes' look, but that's not very comfortable for me :(.

Here I am wearing them ^^.

Compared to the falsies my poor eyelashes look so weird :(. But as you can see if my natural lashes wouldn't be looking so odd, you would hardly notice I'm wearing falsies!

I managed to wear them for the whole day (rocking the 'natural' look) and they didn't budge. In the evening I took them off and they are still intact. Later I will clean them and re-use them. I am sure they will survive for a long time. Plus you when you cut the edges of the lashes (if your eyes are smaller than the falsies), you can use those cutoff edges to add more volume to your lashes.

I go similar looking lashes from Ebay (for a fraction of the price) but those are really hard compared to these. I thought they would be the same (since they are do look quite similar), but they are not. I was surprised!

+ Transparent edge
+ Soft (easy to bend)
+ Natural looking
+ Light
+ The price 
+ You get 20 of them in one box
+ They are better than the ones you get off Ebay (well some)

- You need to buy your own glue

Tho there is one thing that bothered me. I got the lashes in this regular envelope (well plastic but still somehow regular without bubble wrap) and my two boxes came all crushed on the sides. :( 
Maybe sending them in a box would be a better idea? But on the other hand, the shipping was really quick!

Rating: 4/5 
Price: 4/5 ♥ ($6.84) 

For a fraction of the price, you get great bottom eyelashes for daily wear. You can clean then and re-use them (which saves you a lot of money). The eyelashes bend nicely and aren't really stiff as are some other synthetic (and cheap) eyelashes. I like them ^^. They aren't super comfortable as human hair lashes are, but you don't notice they are there after the first 5 minutes.

This product was sent to me by the company itself or its PR. For more information please do read my Disclosure Policy. My reviews are ALWAYS honest. 
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