EOTD: Early Morning

Hi sweethearts,

On Friday I had to wake up early because I was supposed to do a MU on a friend of mine. Alright a model of mine xD. She needed it for of a beauty contest, but since this wasn't the finale they had to do their MU themselves.

Anyway I spent the night before up, because I had to finish my schoolwork (you remember the survey? Thank you for answering. I'm not sure if I'm going to post the answers up. But maybe.. :) they are quite interesting).

So I was REALLY tired and Zombie-like (not cool). But as usual when I say 'I'm going to use only mascara and foundation' I ended putting on full eye make up. I always end thinking 'What.. I can do my  eye MU quickly.. I mean, I already did my face, nooo? I'm like not going to try something new, right?'. Ehr.. WRONG! I ALWAYS try something new. If nothing else, at least the eye shadows are new. xD

I used the Everyday Minerals palette I got from my friend (thank you Iva *!) called LOVE TO SHOP (ahaha how appropriate!).

The result:

The truth is.. the make up was so much bolder in RL. My eyes are quite small so everything looks BOLDER lol. The purple (yes there is purple in there) was super visible. But oh well.. on the pictures it looks somehow natural. :)

I used:
*EDM Love to Shop Palette
*Essence liquid liner (with felt tip, I suck with that one!).
*Miss Sporty So Fabulous Mascara

Thank you for looking ^^! 
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