Review: Nail Ovals

Hi dears,

Today I have a very quick review for you all ^^.
I was sent some more items from the 
So today I will talk about the first one of them all (three in total). 

Nail ovals! 

I wanted those for AGES, but everywhere I looked they were super expensive or they were white or you got only one oval. Pffft, I needed more than just one oval.

Because when you have quite a lot of nail polishes you surly don't want to spend a lot of money on ovals, no? 

They came packed (with the other items) in a small box so they survived the trip perfectly! 

They are invisible which is a MASSIVE plus, this way you can get a better idea of how the polish would look on your nails. You just put your nail underneath the chosen color.

Each oval has 20 nails so you have plenty of room to document your collection.

To document my whole collection I used 8 ovals and even then some of them were half empty because I went by color and not by brand. I find that this way is easier. In total, I have 97 nail polishes. I had more but I gave a lot of them away.
And because of their number I have quite a hard time when deciding on which nail polish to wear.

The ovals are easy to store (easier than the number of nail polishes they can display on the nails) and make comparing the nails or just showing off the color really easy!

Here are my first three finished wheels. At first, I wrote the names on the wheels themselves, but later I realized it is very time consuming so I documented everything on the PC. It was easier and quicker. 

So when I wanted to remove the writings (and two red polishes that looked brown in the bottle from the brown oval) I used my nail polish remover with acetone. WRONG move! It ate my oval, well it took off the clear polishing on it and the part I used it on became dull. So whatever you are cleaning your ovals with, do not use anything that contains acetone!

+ Cheap 
+ You get 10 of them
+ Easy to store
+ One oval has 20 display nails

- If you want to clean them do not use acetone. It will destroy the surface

Price: 5/5 ♥ ($ 6.15)
Rating: 4/5 

Since I always wanted these nail wheels I knew exactly what to expect! Well almost :)! I like them very much because with them my collection is easier to manage and I can pick my NOTD quickly. I only wish they would be more resistant (to acetone, lol). Otherwise, I do really suggest these.

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