EOTD/FOTD: Alice's request

Hi, everyone!

When I posted the quick swatches of two eyeshadows from Essence Alice asked me if I could create a MU using both of them. And since I always love requests from readers, I said YES! 

First, let me list what I used:
*Essence Dance all night under the brows and in the inner corners
*Essence Party All night on the center of the lid
*Fyrinnae Sennyo in the crease and on the lower lash line
*Alima Pure Tannzanite in the outer V
*Miss Sporty XXLong mascara + Revlon mascara (3D extreme) both in Waterproof version

I really liked the simple makeup with a twist of color, but sadly my right eye started to water right away. And in a matter of minutes, my MU was ruined. I have absolutely NO idea why, but I kinda suspect my primer. Hmm.. It's old yes and I need a new one.... :(

Do you like it? 


  1. thaaaaaaaaankyouuu :) you are so sweet!!
    ok, I'll recreate this look this afternoon for shopping time! thank you again!

  2. What a beautiful look, you have such a porcelain teint, incredible!

  3. Alice: You're very welcome dear ^^!

    Charlotte Sparkle: Thank you!

    Anna: Aww,thank you. I actually am pretty pale, that's true.. :)


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