Swatch: Essence Dance and Party All Night (two eyeshadows)


Today I have a swatch of two Essence eyeshadows. I usually don't buy their shadows, but on Tuesday I decided to try them out! I was looking for a highlighter and I swatched the testers available. That's how I realized that Party All Night is REALLY pigmented and is super soft and that Dance All Night isn't that shimmery as it seemed. 

But lets move on to pictures. 

Here they are both. The left one (dance all night) seems SUPER shimmery. But once you remove the first layer of product, it really is not. 

Dance all night

Party all night


Dance all night: It's a white eyeshadow that is full of glitter. The glitter is only on the surface, when you use it the second time it's more of a shimmer than glitter. It's more usable after that. Without the primer it's more powdery and less opaque. 

Party all night: This is a gorgeous bronze color, that looks more like medium brown. It has a metallic finish and it's super soft. It glides easily on the skin which makes the application super easy. It is also very opaque. I couldn't spot any difference between without and with eye primer (UDPP). 

close up

Party all night
It is actually quite similar to the Urban Decay Sidecar shadow. Tho sidecar is a bit warmer.

Dance all night

The Party All night has a better quality. I think it's the best (except the baked ones) essence eyeshadow I have ever tried. DO WANT! <3
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