Really Easy Make Up Tutorial (video)

Hi lovelies!

I know I have been spamming you with videos for the last couple of days. I'm sure I'll calm down soon and will return to pictures. But for now.. enjoy :)!

I wanted to make a simple tutorial on how I do my daily make up. I filmed it a day before, but since the camera was crappy, I had to redo it a couple of days later when my dear lent me his cam. His cam is sooo much better (Canon EOS 5D Mark II). So for the weekends I'll probably have his cam, for a couple of hours. Maybe, I still don't know. :D
Tho my brother lent me his camera (this time it's a real video cam!) so I'll try and make it work ^^.

Anyway I realized I BLINK too much, I have a very visible DOUBLE CHIN, I make weird faces while putting on my MU and as a bonus.. I look angry! So be VERY afraid :D.

And the video :)

Thank you for your comments! ^^


  1. Uf, dobro da se ti da vsak dan toliko pudra nanašat. No, saj ga ni veliko (količinsko)... Eh, jaz sem pač preveč lena. XD

    Dober tutorial!

  2. Nihrida: Ma to je se OK. Prej sem nosila tekoci puder.. :(. Sam kaj ko sem brez pudra cisto flekasta.. mi je pa uzitek se mazat, ker se cisto sprostim in se pripravim na novi dan ^^.

  3. nice tutorial :) I blend eyeliner with my finger too :)

  4. Alice: Thank you! I forgot I was recording and so I used my finger, lol. Well I actually never blend my eye pencil with a brush.. o.O At least not on the lower lash line.

    Charlotte: Thank you dear!!


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