Tutorial: From Plain Jane to Colorful MU

Hello dolls,

Today I have a tutorial for you. I know I didn't post one in AGES, but that's because it's very time consuming to take all the photos and edit (crop, white balance) them. But since I decided that next time I'll go out of home and  there will be still light outside, I will take pictures - step by step - of a full face make up, well I had to do it.

Before we move on to the photos and descriptions, I must tell you about my skin. So you won't be all grossed out. Currently I have a couple (well a LOT) of acne and breakouts. That's because I went off the pill, and my hormones are all crazy. I didn't have such skin problems since I was hmm.. 16, I think?
Now it's slowly normalizing but it's still terrible to look at.  Well I don't mind it all that much and can surely go out without ANY make up, but if I apply MU, I have to put on foundation also.

One of the things that made me severely break out, was the Bourjois Bio Detox foundation. At first it was fine, but then the nightmare started. :(

Also my eyebrows are somehow filled in, since I went to a place before that (yes without MU, lol). And my eyebrows are BLONDE, so..  on the picture they are filled in.

All the pictures were taken with FLASH (so you see things you normally wouldn't). Plus I didn't remove my blemishes with PS. YAY for me ;).
 Keep that in mind. 

Bare face. *shock*

First I applied some concealer (I am using Dr. Dima's Cosminology concealer)

And blend it in!

Then I took my mineral foundation (and a powder brush) and applied it all over my face.

Looking better, right? :D

If you have some spots to cover, you can take a small brush (or a concealer brush) and apply some mineral foundation over those spots.


I took my contour brush, blush brush and a Bourjois blusher plus a bronzing palette from Essence. 
It was time to add some color to my face.

*Awkward look*  I run the bronzer in the hole of my cheeks. Then I blended it with a kabuki brush, so the line wouldn't be so harsh.

Adding blusher! *Act happy, lol*

Blusher and Bronzer! I don't look dead anymore!! :D


My eyebrows were somehow filled in, but not quite. So I decided to add some more color to them.
I used my Anastasia Beverly Hills duo in Golden Blonde. Yes it's quite dark.

With my Brow/Mascara comb I combed through my eye brows, to make them look more natural, so the shadow wouldn't look so hard against my skin. 


Take your preferred Eye primer. Mine is UDPP.

Apply it all over your lids.

This are the things I used: Essence Soft Matte Brown eyeshadow, Fyrinnae Okapi, LimeCrime Snow Queen a regular eyeshadow brush and a blending brush.

First we apply the Essence eyeshadow on the center of the lids. It doesn't have to be perfect. Actually it can easily look sloppy. :D

We add some LimeCrime Snow Queen eyeshadow in the inner corners of the eyes.

Then it's time for Fyrinnae Okapi in the outer corners of the eyes.  It can still look sloppy.

Blend, blend blend!

(this is how the MU looked after 6 hours, nice no?)

Then we take two eye shadows (I used Fyrinnae Polar Bear and Lime Crime Enchanted - or something I don't remember) and line under your lower lash line.

1/2 with the lighter eyeshadow

 And  1/2 with the darker one.

Ta-daaa!! :D

Now we have to apply the mascara. I mean sure natural lashes can be fashionable, but I prefer mascara. Lots of it actually.


I used Essence This is Me. Maybe it was a bit too much :P

Later I removed the lipstick and rocked the natural 'nude' lips. My lips alone are very pigmented :).

Before and After

+ Bonus picture


  1. Ahahahahav LOL za bonus slikico :))
    Drugače pa kjut in kul :)

  2. Great tutorial, love the makeup too.

  3. ful dobr post :) in šminka ti fuuul paše <3

  4. Helena: Hvala. Naslednjic naredim video. Tole prevec casa pobere. Celi dan sem delala na fotkah, brr.. (obdelovanje + upload).

    Charlotte Sparkle: Thank you!

    Sparkle*: Hvala, sminka mi je pa fenomenalna! Ne vem zakaj so jo dali iz prodaje.. :(

  5. Tudi brez ličil si lepa, ampak MU pa da tisto piko na i <3

  6. so pretty!!
    i envy your skin!!
    and the foundation perfects the skin even better!

  7. thanks for this! i don't think your is a bad skin :)
    btw, has mineral foundation a good coverage?

    it would be interesting and helpful a tut on how balance white in PS :)

  8. With love, Ana: Hihi hvala! Ampak ce bi imela naravno temnejse obrvi bi bilo ze fuuul boljse. :))

    Vanilla: My skin? :( I have a lot of breakouts atm. But thank you, you're too kind <3

    Alice: The mineral foundation has medium coverage. You can get the Intensive base, which is full coverage.
    I can try to make a PS tutorial, but for now here's a quick one (not mine): http://blog.epicedits.com/2007/03/12/how-to-fix-photo-white-balance-using-photoshop/
    And (this is the way I sometimes use for quickest results)

    But of course you can just use Variations (image/adjustments/variations) and then you just play with layer settings or you multiply the layers and fix each one of them differently. :) it's quite simple.

  9. Ahhhh- the bonus pic! <333 Adorable face w/ those glasses. C:

    Also, psshh- you look just fine bare-faced. 9) And that primer seems awesome: I've heard so many good things about it. o:


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