NOTD: Red and White


(the tittle was at first; The smell of sacrifice)
I know the tittle is pretty morbid, but currently I'm reading about occult symbols (not so nice), and the red and white combination reminded me of initiation and sacrifice. Here I can mention I also read about the symbols in the latest Lady Gaga Video.  *shivers* 

But to my excuse, the manicure was at first only white and PINK!
Yes, you read it right, pink! So you may wonder where did the pink color go?

Well.. It was ugly looking (there were pink dots on the white surface) so I covered it in silver shimmer and when it was still looking terrible I decided to draw on a leopard print.

The list of products I used:
* Maybelline Colorama in French White (I won't buy from them again *they test on animals*)
* Essence Love of pink dots 
* ManGlaze Hot Mess
* Nail Art pencils to draw the red ... things.

I applied two coats of the white nail polish and if I calculate all the layers I get  a total  of 5of them. But everything dried surprisingly fast. 

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