Illamasqua Gamma (Toxic Nature)

Hello dear readers,
I wanted to share with you all this gorgeous neon nail polish from the latest Illamasqua collection called Toxic Nature. 
I wasn't one of the lucky bloggers that got the package, but my sister was. So when she got home I had to try this nail polish.

It is an absolutely gorgeous orange neon polish (if you like neons) that needs 2-3 coats for full opacity. It dries in no time, to a satin finish. I'm really not a huge fan of satin finishes, so I added a layer of top coat.

The only bad part is the quick chipping. In the first hour I managed to chip my thumb nail. But other than that, it is still going strong (I am on day 2).

Grab (and all the other colors) are on the pricey side - £13.5.

But lets move on to the pictures. It is really difficult to take photos of a neon polish, especially an orange one. That's why I tried playing with color settings to show it a bit more realistically. Please enjoy. 

Under the black light: As you can see it is a true neon.

If you had the change, would you get it? 
Any comments are welcome <3.

EDIT: It chipped the same day I posted this (so day 2). Bummer!
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