New Dress from H&M

Hello dears!

Yesterday I went well.. shopping. I wanted to check if I get any lovely shirts/skirts but instead I found this lovely dress.
I tried it on and wow, it looked great. Well my breasts may look a tad too big for the dress, but what the heck, I'll put a shirt under it or a bikini top or anything really.

It's truly divine!

And the dress on the H&M promo picture:

What do you think? I think these have been the 20€ best spent!


  1. Omg... prečudovita obleka! In ful poceni!

  2. It look better on you and your complextion than on gisele. And it looks fabulous on your boobs.. you dont need to cover up. Its sexy but not too much! 10/10 great purchase!!

  3. OMG-- that's so ridiculously prettty, <333

    That dress' colours really suit you. :] ...I hope the H&M stores here in the US get that dress in stock.

  4. Sanja: Hvala! SI jo sla pogledat?

    Charlotte Sparkle, Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard: Thank you dear! ^^

    Tali: You're too kind! Aaha and your comment made me giggle <3!!
    Btw I miss your blog :<

    Noxin: Thank you! I'm sure they will, you people from the US get soo much more stuff than we do here :D.


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