FOTD/EOTD: Shopping Blue

Hi everyone!

A couple of days ago I woke up with a 'bleh' feeling. It was raining for a couple of days already and I didn't go to my regular walks/jogging.
For that day I had shopping in plan, but because of the rain and the late cancelled meeting, I was at home with no idea what to do.
Well shopping is always nice, but when it seems like there's no tomorrow because of the heavy rain, it kind of puts you off the idea of shopping.

But anyway I decided that I should go get some new things (that I don't really need :P). So off I went!

The make up? Ohh.. right, this is a post about make up (just kidding). 
I wore the blue make up you probably saw in the latest review (Essence Smoky Eyes Brush), if not now is your chance to see it.

I used:
*Sleek MakeUp Bad Girl Palette (Obnoxious and Gullible)
*Bourjois Glamour Mascara
*Essence long lasting eye pencil in Dark Blue

Later I added the Essence Black mania liquid eyeliner (to test it out).

Showing off my manicure... :) Blue! 

The make up was pretty dark, but when you're wearing glasses no one really notices. :P

And are you curious about what I got?

All comments are welcome <3.
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