Review: Essence Smokey Eyes Brush


I usually don't do reviews of brushes because honestly I don't have many of them. I have my regular brushes I use and that is pretty much it.

I saw this brush in a promotional advert from Essence a while ago. I was already drooling over it, I mean c'mon it's purple and it's a blending brush! 
And of course knowing Essence the price should be decent. 

The description:
Now you can create smokey eyes as easy as 1,2,3: the soft, rounded bristles in a trendy, intense purple color ensure an even smoother eye shadow application for breathtaking smokey eyes! comes in a practical pouch.
Which is correct, this beauty is only 1,46€! But if it was a terrible brush, well those 2€ would be too much for it to pay.

Truth to be said the pouch is really unpractical, so I threw it away. Whenever I wanted to take my brush out, the bristles would get all squashed against the plastic pouch. Plus it takes some time getting it out of it.

Luckily the brush is great (if you ask me!), so I wanted to get two more.. (talking of greediness...). But they were all sold out. Tho there's nothing to worry since it will be available in the regular line. 

The bristles are from animal hair, soft and firm. They are also not too thickly together, so blending is really easy with it.

And what is a better way to present the brush if not with pictures of its work?

I applied Obnoxious (From the Bad Girl Sleek MakeUp Palette) on 2/3 of my lid and Gullible (same palette) in the inner corners of my eyes and in the center of my eyelid.

And a different view (alright, different eye).

Lets skip ahead to the good sides and bad sides of it.

+ Great price!
+ It's gorgeous!
+ It does well its job.

- Shred a tiny bit (lost 1 hair) when I washed it.

Price♥ 5/5 (1.46€)
Rating♥ 5/5 

Since cheap blending brushes aren't really available in our stores, this is a great addition! Maybe it won't work for everyone (some people don't like animal hair), but for me it's great. I have another bigger blending brush, but this one will be used daily since I can blend exactly where and how much I want to!
I also like the price, I mean.. you have to at least try it! :D 

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