NOTD: Catrice Dirty Barry

Hi everyone!

I saw this gorgeous nail polish online before I managed to get my hands on it in real life.
It has a slight holographic reflection to it, well mostly those are just shimmer parts in in. The color itself reminds me of jeans (in the shadow) and in the sun it is more of a purple color than a blue one.

The apply was completely non problematic, I used two coats for full opacity. It's true, it's a bit runny but nothing terrible.


And sun!

I really like it, but I wish the holo parts would be bigger. It's a fun shade, quite subtle. I am considering 'upgrading' it to something more blingy and 'in your eyes'. I'm not sure what tho.. :)

Thanks for reading,


  1. i really like it and want it too. but it's dirty bErry right? :)


  2. Lep je. Jaz ga zadnjič nisem našla, ko sem bila v Müllerju, ampak ga bom enkrat zagotovo vzela.

  3. Zakon barva. Zelo mi je všeč, moram se dokopati do teh novih Catričic. :D

  4. ful je lep :)
    Probaj ga upgrejdat z hello holo od essence :)


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